I have been working in technology for many years, and working specifically in human services technology for about 15 years.  While a lot has changed during that time, what hasn’t changed enough for me, is having enough people to talk to who care about things like

the digital divide

managing nonprofits well

using technology to drive an organization

moving human services nonprofits out of the technology doldrums


I am the Chief Information Officer for Keystone Human Services  and have been there since 1994.


2 Responses to “About the Author”

  1. jan Finseth Says:

    I am interested in finding good cases or examples of social/human service agencies that have used social media succesfully… anything come to mind. Nice blog. Thanks

    1. Jeanine Buford Says:

      Well, Jan, so am I . . . . My organization Keystone Human Services, is trying on several levels to do this well. We’re a large decentralized organization, which would seem to lend itself well to the social media. So far our Susquehanna Service Dogs group SSDOGS on Twitter, has done a good job at connecting people through facebook, blogging, websites, and Twitter.

      We’re still early in the efforts to extend our success to other parts of the organization. Keystone Human Services International has just begun reaching out and engaging in social media conversations about deinstitutionalization and human services.

      What have you seen in your searches? Are you looking for US-based organizations, or other regions in particular?

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