The only thing they have in common, perhaps, is that I was thinking about them at the same time. While listening to Gillian Welch’s Elvis Presley Blues, thinking about technology, human services, and the digital divide, an admittedly strained metaphor came to me.  I was thinking about how, in Welch’s words, Elvis took us all out of black and white, and how we are still waiting for the transformational breakthrough to take us out of the technology dark ages.  I’m tired of waiting.

We are struggling, as William points out in his comments to the first post on this blog, with not only limited staff and limited funding, but with limited vision about what we can and should be working on.   Are we stuck with the Pat Boone equivalent of technology and ideas of what it can do, when we could be dancing to Elvis?  If we are, are we equally the constrainers as the constrained?  

In Human Services we suffer from a sad paucity of vision.  What should we look like?  What should we be doing?  Let’s move beyond the old familiar litany of our limitations.  In a bizarre leap of mixed metaphors, I want to nail to the door of the blogosphere, 95 theses of what we want and need.  I want to stake out the technology high ground.  I want to tell the vendors what we want and need, rather than be told.   I want to work together with you, reader (if there are any of you left after this post) to redefine what we do and how to do it successfully.


Next post will be thesis number 1.  We Need Integrated Communication.